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Recent Events in Jefferson City, MO

March 18, 2017 - Jefferson City - UNITED IN PRAYER DAY

Contemplatives from central Missouri met at the Catholic Center to participate in the international Contemplative Outreach United In Prayer Day. UIP Day is set aside as a day for contemplatives world-wide to join in community and prayer. The Jefferson City cathedral CP group hosted the event and Fr. Matthew Flatley, Coordinator of Contemplative Outreach of Central Missouri was the facilitator.

During the program the group participated in two Centering Prayer sits. Fr. Flatley took those less experienced in CP and instructed them in the simple method. In addition the group saw two presentations on Contemplative prayer, had discussions of the videos, and Fr. Flatley gave an explanation and short demonstration of Lectio Divina, or sacred reading of the scriptures.

Thanks to the Jeff City folks that arranged for the event and blessings on all who attended either in person or in spirit.