Many of us are longing for a more intimate, personal relationship with God.  As hard as we may try, hearing that 'Still small voice' in today’s noisy, fast paced, overscheduled world may seem impossible.  We have heard over and over again the importance of silent prayer in the contemplative journey.  Many attempt silent prayer but, unfortunately give up before discovering the incredible intimacy this "Divine Therapy" can bring about. 

Centering Prayer is a simple, meditative prayer method that will help you to find and fall in love with the peace of God that is God within you. You will learn methods to quiet your mind and how to deal with the never-ending flood of thoughts and worries that threaten to steal our focus and our peace.  Centering Prayer can have many fruits or positive side effects that may manifest in our daily lives.

COCEMO is here to support and assist you.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions.  We have a variaty of helpful books, C.D.s and videos available.  Information on how to reach us is listed under our CONACT tab at the top of every page. Also see the 'Useful Links' at the bottom of this page to be connected to many contemplative prayer resources.
COCEMO, has been serving the contemplative community in Central MO since 2012.  Our mission area coincides with the boundaries of the Diocese of Jefferson City.  We are a chapter of Contemplative
Outreach, Ltd., an international spiritual network with offices in Butler, N.J. 

​​Our mission is to teach the method of Centering Prayer and to support
those who’s Spiritual Journey includes a practice of this prayer.​

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Centering Prayer Method

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​COCEMO has many resources available to asist you on your quest for the contemplative life!

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